Friday, August 19, 2016

Nine of us, 8/19/16

Nine of us managed to agree to a day of going around photographing parts of our island. Derek thanks for herding Milton S., Dean, Steven, Curtis, Walter, Angie and Dewey and myself.

First stop, 7:00 breakfast at Windward Mall's Big City Diner.

Second stop, Kualoa Beach...Chinaman's Hat
(to the right it looks like an island similar to a turtle, however it is not an island it just appears to look like that)
 Noticed there were people fishing for Oama
Not sure about this cool tree.

Third stop, Laie Point...

There is a story about 2 lovers who were forced to separate and thus formed Beach Naupaka and Mountain Naupaka. Each flower only has half a circle. I have not seen the Mountain Naupaka which would have the top half.
Warrior 2 pose, I can see why this photographer chose this location.
 Too funny, Curtis and I could see our reflection in Dean's sunglasses.

Fourth stop, (attempted) but no luck in finding parking at Shark's Cove.

Fifth stop, Haleiwa Alii Beach Park, more fishing for Oama. Second person on the left caught one.

Sixth stop, Cholos for lunch. I was enjoying my blended Strawberry Margarita to take any photos.

Last stop, Wahiawa Botanical Garden...

 The little leaf was there although my friends claimed that I placed it on the larger leaf.
Was it fun or was it fun? It was fun! Thanks again Derek for arranging our expedition.