Saturday, February 28, 2015

Transformed, 1/29-2/12/15

I took this photo on Sunday, Feb. 1 and posted it on Instagram and Facebook: I don't mind going to the laundromat in exchange for a disconnected washer and dryer because my place is getting renovated!!!

I now feel that "renovated" is not descriptive enough "transformed" is. I also decided not to show you before and after because "after" is awesome.

Shai Tal, contractor, chose to embellish my mirrors instead of removing them. I chose one color for the entire place. It is Marquee, Parisian Taupe from Home Depot. The flooring is also from there and it is Allure, Resilient Planks.

I like how Shai continued the flooring into the kitchen as he did for the bedroom and den.

 I love my bathroom...

Shai, also changed out my bifold in my bedroom to this one. He used the former one down the hall infront of the washer/dryer.

Viola! Shai Tal. I can't thank you enough Shai!!!

Jon and Casey's last day (Feb. 13 -17, 2015), they are the reason I needed to transform my place.
It has been a long journey since Oct. 4 and Oct. 16, 2014 when I encounter water problems. Hence, I needed to repair my place. My journey was filled with challenges but that is in the past, I enjoy the present.

It was a peace of mind that Shai's contractors are licensed. I also want to extend a huge mahalo "thank you" to Ruth Otake who interviewed Shai when searching via Home Resource and said he can do the job. Thank you again Shai, your contractors - job well done and Ruth.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Xeriscape, 2/21/15

Xeriscape? In Halawa there is a Xeriscape Garden - according to the dictionary: a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques.

I wish I had brought my tripod - it was a challenge without it since it was windy. Good friends made the day fun: Milton S., Derek and Dewey.

Lunch at Aiea Bowl was enjoyed by all as we had their famous oxtail soup. I will have to go back for their scrumptious desserts.