Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunrise and Plumerias, 4/9/17

 We (Derek, Milton S., Dewey and myself) made photos from Makapuu Beach at 5:45 am.

As the sun rose, I got frustrated because I did not know how to adjust the camera to reflect what I was seeing. The sun was super bright and my photos were coming out dark. Still need to learn more about photography.

One last photo before leaving.

Kokohead Botanical Garden...

Milton S, alerted me that these guys were next to me. I therefore moved away.

I was more successful using my iPhone 6s. I was amazed with the details in the water droplets.

This is cropped to emphasize the droplets and I did change the resolution to 300 dpi.

We enjoyed an early lunch at Fatboys at Koko Marina. Thanks guys!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Foster Botanical Garden, 4/2/17

Yippee, 7/8 of us were able to make photos. Thanks Derek for arranging this get together. 

I used my 70-200 lens as I wanted to get Canonball flowers and butterflies. I think this is my go to as long as I am not taking photos in the orchid green house.

I was intrigued as I have never seen this stage of a drying leaf.

Canonball flowers...

A busy bee

Never saw the top of a palm.

At first Milton S. informed me there is a cardinal in the tree. I never saw the second one land as I continued to photograph the cardinal. Milton S. is our resident bird whisperer.

Just joking...look is what is happening behind Buddha's back.

Close up...

Sorry guys, could not have lunch - off to a Dominos game.  I did our enjoy breakfast at Zippy's.