Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Koko Crater Botanica Gardenl, 10/27/20


Troopers Derek, Bob and Gary met at 7 am. Troopers? Derek did monitor the weather for possible rain, however, we were pretty much going anyways. Good and bad with clouds we did not get much contrast but then we were not being scorched. However it was another humid day.

Do you see the animal? It is a happy one.

Just one more of these textured things

Gary and I spoke with a man who frequents the botanical garden with his wife. He mentioned there are 3 trees that have plumerias with 10 petals. He gave us an area they would be but we could not find them. Perhaps since many plumerias are not blooming during this time of year, this one may not be blooming. I thought I google a 10 petal plumeria, this is what I got.

I will bring this 32 oz. water bottle. I needed more water when we were at the Zoo. It was beyond humid.

It was fun teasing each other. Two of the guys now have new nicknames. We need a nickname for the guy who got spared.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Zoo, 10/25/20


Well look who is happy. Derek, Bob and myself hung by Kapiolani Bandstand before going to the zoo.

I was looking forward to seeing the flamingos. Ah, they were content sleeping.

Now these two started getting into each other's way. Thank goodness it did not pursue.

Bob, was helpful by having me step up on the tiny ledge of the fence and was behind me to make sure I did not fall. Yay, I got the tiger thanks to Bob. Me height challenged?

Hmm? Just showing the older skin with the younger. Even animals have this issue.

Did I mention it was hot? I was sweating before we got to the zoo. My backpack was on me for only 20 minutes. I was again disappointed with no warthogs. As for Rusty and Violet, the orangoutangs, they will be changing cages tomorrow. Violet gets the big area. With COVID, the zoo will allow 5 at a time to see them, and you can't get up close to their cages like before.

Although, I did not get many photos, I enjoyed the day with Derek and Bob.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Lyon's Arboretum, 10/20/20


It certainly is wonderful to be retired. I have to remind myself that today is Tuesday; it feels like a weekend. Gary, his daughter, grand-daughter and I enjoyed Lyon's Arboretum during the designated 2 hour reservation.

Can you see the black cat? (Gary's grand-daughter mentioned there is a black cat)

It was fun and as you can tell, I enjoyed the water droplets.