Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Koko Crater Botanica Gardenl, 10/27/20

Troopers Derek, Bob and Gary met at 7 am. Troopers? Derek did monitor the weather for possible rain, however, we were pretty much going anyways. Good and bad with clouds we did not get much contrast but then we were not being scorched. However it was another humid day.

Do you see the animal? It is a happy one.

Just one more of these textured things

Gary and I spoke with a man who frequents the botanical garden with his wife. He mentioned there are 3 trees that have plumerias with 10 petals. He gave us an area they would be but we could not find them. Perhaps since many plumerias are not blooming during this time of year, this one may not be blooming. I thought I google a 10 petal plumeria, this is what I got.

I will bring this 32 oz. water bottle. I needed more water when we were at the Zoo. It was beyond humid.

It was fun teasing each other. Two of the guys now have new nicknames. We need a nickname for the guy who got spared.


jag21330 said...

Nice photos. I think because the plumerias were becoming dormant. There's a good chance we all may have similar photos. I deleted my photo of the upside down plumeria sitting on the leaf. I took it before any of you walked into the garden. Yours was composed better than mine. Liked your textured photos and of your water bottle with the sock protector. Hood job Celia.

celia said...

Thank you Gary. I definitely needed this water bottle and yay, the bottom can be protected with the sock.