Saturday, December 21, 2019

Kapiolani Community College - botanical area, 12/21/19

Plan A was the zoo to see the animals get their Christmas presents. However due to iffy wet weather which included high winds - the zoo decided to cancel this event with concerns of injuries that might happen with the gusty winds.

Oh no, now what? Derek, Walter, Bob, Milton S. and I did not want to go home - ah ha - Kapiolani Community College's garden. Luckily it did not rain, not much sun but we did our best.

 Patience paid off

Notice the gloomy sky. I also am amazed how this lonely tree can withstand the winds.

I am happy with the soft background of the following two.

Looking for things to capture.

This photo was done with my iPhone 8. I just could not get it with my 24-105 lens.

Yay it turned out to be a good day with breakfast at Denny's and Plan B.

I did another blog - I was too busy to post it earlier. Honolulu City Lights 12/10/19

Honolulu City Lights 12/10/19

Derek and I enjoyed coming early to avoid crowds. So here we are at 5 pm.

This tree is absolutely adorable. Incase you do not know this character, it is Peppa Pig.

This tree house is interactive with our version of the 12 days of Christmas.

There were wreathes, this is my favorite.

The fish is our state fish the humuhumunukunuku─üpua'a, a triggerfish. Translation; humuhumu = trigger fish. nukunuku─ü = snout like a pig - it grunts like a pig when it is threatened.

This annual event is held at our City Hall and the grounds around it. For me, this one of the better years.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Hamakua Marsh, 12/7/19

After having a relaxing breakfast at "Supermarkets Times" restaurant with Walter and Bob, I was ready for the challenge "birds in flight". 

"I'll wait"


Since herons patiently wait for their prey, I was happy this one finally took a break and scratched.

Get what you can get, lol.

Did I mention challenge? Yup it was a challenge, I am happy to share these, lot of others did not make the cut. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Waimea Valley Park, 6/17/18 Canon T6

I finally found a software for this camera. I used PhotoscapeX, however when I did a "save as" I was unable to save it as a smaller file - hense some are 6k.  I did delete the Affinity program because it grabbed my photos and caused the program to not work - ugh.

It was fun to see photos I took awhile back. As you can see I used my macro lens.