Monday, October 18, 2021

Family time and driving around, 10/18/21


Wow, the University of Southern California "USC" is so nice. Even the public can come to the stores here. We went to Trader Joe's and I got my first bag along with food. I did not check out the other stores but I do know there is a Target next to Trader Joe's.

October 9, Ole's first ride in this carriage.

Casey's boys

Jon was doing shadows. Casey also had fun with this.

Monday, October 11, I drove and visited my Alma Mater.

There are so many modern buildings especially if you enter from Lincoln Blvd. I do remember this one which I had many classes. However, I have no idea where I took my other classes.

Jon's dinner. It was yummy.

Casey's dinner was delish. The corn is off the cob then roasted. They cook such healthy meals. I did one, but, I need to improve before I share a photo.

My adventures on Montana Avenue closer to Ocean Street.

I could not resist having a cup of ice cream.

For navigation, I have this thin magnet that is on the inside of my cell phone cover. It comes with the device in the next photo. This set up is good. You can use the cell phone cover you already have.

Thursday, 10/14 turned out to be a wonderful day. My condo sale closed and the movers came. This is my 4th week and my grandson is 8 weeks old. I will always remember this day.

Friday, October 15, just the ladies and Ole for some chill time at Highly Likely.

I love capturing these moments.

Breakfast? We walked over to Home State, a Texan kitchen.

The yellow umbrellas in the can can be borrowed for shade and here we are enjoying breakfast on 1 of the 2 benches.

It truly is fun starting a new life here.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Three weeks, 10/7/21

Wow, it has been 3 weeks since I moved here.

I was very happy to receive this belated birthday gift. I have always liked this oil painting of Jons. Yay, he gifted it to me. The little pieces, I have kept and made sure I brought them. I think Jon made them when he was in second grade.

Every photo is in chronological order. It will be a good memory and to see how Ole changes,
I snuck a selfie. - 9/24

Jon's pizza from scratch. Yes it was delicious. - 9/29

It warms my heart when I see Casey and Jon as loving parents. - 9/30

Homemade bread is the best!!! -10/1

This place that I live at has so many adorable details. -10/3

No longer useable, it got painted shut. But as you can see it was a little door to check who is at your door. Fancy peep hole if you ask me.

Jon's pottery -10/3

Dinner: roast chicken with gravy, quiona, long beans with hazel nut and lemon zest. Broke da mouth.

They have crows here -10/4, next photo it flew away

Pool time, don't worry Ole did not go in. I was able to use my friend's pool. -10/4

Ole loves to move, it is adorable. I think these photos were taken within seconds or minutes apart -10/5

Lunch time, homemade bread and sandwich. Thank you, Jon -10/5

The big day, my car is ready to be picked up from Long Beach. Jon of course drove me there. I was a bit skittish about driving home from there. I did it- 31 miles and exactly 1 hour - freeway all the way. -10/5

I was so happy to see my car at the Matson lot. I said good bye to it on Wed. 9/15. 

The tenant before me left this beer in the pantry. I refrigerated it so I could have it when I got home. I totally had to reward myself.

I can't get enough of my grandson - 10/6

Casey took this adorable photo of him. - 10/6

I really forgot what it was like to have a baby, he is now 7 weeks old. So I am learning with Casey and Jon. For me, it was 40 and 36 years ago.