Monday, June 24, 2013

Panasonic FZ200, 6/23/13

Oh my goodness, there are so many digital cameras on the market. However, I needed an in-between camera - meaning between a point/shoot and a DSLR. This Panasonic FZ200 - fits the bill. There are eight others with Eyes of Hawaii, photography club who are enjoying this camera.

Went out with Milton S. and Derek - to the following:

Sunrise at Lanikai…

Spitting Cave at Portlock...
This is where the water gets sucked in and "spit" out.

I was amazed that I was able to zoom from Portlock to get this view of Diamond Head.
 Tried out the panorama.

Koko Head Garden…
I did use a tripod for these plumerias and for my Lanikai pictures.

House of Pure Aloha...
After a morning of making pictures - I wanted Milton and Derek to enjoy (all natural syrup shave ice) in Aina Haina. (Linda brought me here earlier this month)
Owner, affectionally known as "Uncle Clay" is showing off my Mango/Strawberry with Vanilla Bean ice cream. I savored every spoonful - the flavors are the real fruit and the ice just melts since it is finely shaved. Uncle Clay is full of happiness.

 I highly recommend House of Pure Aloha. Just click on the yellow words - to find out more.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Linda's Bday, 6/4/13

Bobby got side tracked. This gate was across from the Contemporary Art Museum.
Now that was more like it. We had a delicious lunch at the Museum.
Linda had Jaboticaba Sorbetto for dessert. I should have been more adventurous. I had Vanilla Bean Gelato.
 Bobbie and Boo could not resist this horse.
 Bobby and Boo had way too much fun. (Thanks Linda for this picture.)
For dinner, we made Chinese Melon Soup with dried lily flowers, dried shiitake mushrooms, and dried dates...
and Bitter Melon with Black Bean Sauce and funn (Chinese flat noodles).
In the morning, we had gone to Chinatown for the ingredients.
What a birthday, that same night in Waikiki - we went to see fireworks sponsored by a cosmetic company.

Linda said that she could not have asked for "a better birthday."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Zoo, 6/10/13


Three lion cubs were born on December 15, 2012. On April 6, the cubs made their official public debut and their names were announced. 

Mayor Kirk Caldwell had a student contest for Hawaiian names along with a Haiku. These are their names - hee, hee not sure which one is which: Kekoa- brave and courageous, Alohi- to shine or sparkle, Iolana- to soar

Linda, I read your comment - What about the porcupine? There were 2 porcupines.  Hee hee - they were not cooperative - so I just got this one.

Fennec fox
I am really happy with this pix - I learned in photography class how to take a picture eliminating the fence. Thanks Ed Yee.
Marabou Stork
(most of the bird pix - I eliminated the fence)
Red-and-Yellow Barbet
In the bird section they are free to fly around - I waited at its designated cage - only to find it some wheres else. Linda had taken this one before and I really wanted to get a pix.
Hooded Vulture

Linda - that was fun - so glad we went when the animals were awake. I don't blame the animals from hiding/sleeping during the summer's heat.

Linda - thanks also for cropping pointers and for Chinese cooking classes.