Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Zoo, 12/22/20

The zoo is undergoing some renovations. We were not able to see the Flamingos and the ducks. 

I really had a hard time seeing my friends the warthogs. I said to Derek after we left, I only saw one. He showed me his photo and I did not realize they were sleeping next to each other. Hence you don't see all of the one on the right.

This is a Marabou Stock. I tend to like animals that look pretty ugly.

These rhinos were in different areas

Poor Derek, just him and I. But we were glad we came because we do not know if we will be shut down again.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Wahiawa Botanical Garden and Sakura, 12/12/20


Our group was talking about seeing Sakura's in Wahiawa. However, it appeared that this was not a good time to see them as they were not in bloom. Gary and I really had nothing to do so we decided to go out anyway.

Gary did see a bunch in a neighborhood near the end of California Avenue. He took photos, I did not.

We then went to Wahiawa Botanical Garden. This was Gary's first.

We then went to Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission to check out the trees he saw earlier. We did had to hunt for the flowers. So glad we did, Sakura's are such beautiful delicate flowers.

Their bell was so pretty - just a snippet of it.

You can not leave Wahiawa without getting brownies from Kilani Bakery. From having nothing to do, we had a very productive afternoon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hamakua Marsh, 12/8/20


There were actually a lot of ducks, moor hens, stilts. roosters, hens, roosters and at least 3 herons.

However, Derek, Gary and myself had to wait for action and then I was not ready when it happened. This first photo is what we saw - ducks just there - I like that the water was clear enough to see their orange feet. I did not think you wanted to see a lot of ducks just hanging around.

Ever so often, they got into it.

This heron was flying back with twigs for its nest.

Decided to see if I could find more action. Gary had noticed the bees, going into these flowers.

Later, we went to Koko Crater Botanical. I wanted to see the 10 petal plumeria. There were some but they were not intact - getting ready for winter.  Again, I was not having the best time with photos. Lol, this was my best. 

 Although I was not successful, it is always fun getting together. Thanks Derek and Gary.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Foster Botanical Garden, 12/7/20

Today, I brought my tri-pod. It was different for me because I actually took more time with the subjects since I was able to stabilize my camera. 

I never thought much about the Bird of Paradise. Wes has been noticing the stages of it and gave me some pointers. These two are not finished blooming.

 I can't wait to see what Wes, Derek and Milton S. captured because we all go our separate ways.

Will I bring my tri-pod next time I do macros? Yes!!!