Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kawaii Kon, 3/17/12

Hmm?  What does Kawaii Kon mean?  Kawaii - cute, Kon - short for convention.  These cute characters are from: Manga's - Japanese comics or from Anime's - Japanese animations.
Some characters are not cute but very elaborate, check out the next picture - the little one's expression.

Yoshitaka Amano: Final Fantasy's artist from Japan.  Amazing, I found out that some people waited 2 hours for his autograph - this was because he was signing up to 2 items, later he signed only 1.

This was a wonderful convention for these young people and there were many events for them to attend.  FYI, there were lots of people, but I tried to angle myself, not to include them.
It was fun making pictures with you guys: Erick, Eddie and Lance.


Jon said...

Its incredible how many people dress up in full costume for these events. Great pics!

celia said...

Thanks Jon, I agree, it is so much fun to see them and they have so much fun posing for us.