Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life is Good, 6/24/09

My previous post, was titled "On a Wet Day", well no worries.  That night, Rocky and I enjoyed Limoncello, an Italian liquer.  Remember to say "Limoncello" with an Italian flair.
It was so good, I decided to make it last longer.   I poured a little on top of a biscotti and topped that with whip cream.  By the time I took a bunch of pictures, the liquor had soaked into the biscotti and what can I say, "life is good".  

I was amazed how the reflection of this dessert can be seen within the glass.
Black and white
I enjoy watching Goibles
 and Theo.
On our morning walk.  
This was too funny.  Rocky wanted to use only 1 Toonie, a Canadian 2 dollar coin to wash her car.  She frantically hosed down her car.  I admittedly didn't follow directions and when it was time to rinse, I hadn't turn the dial.  My touching the choice did nothing.  So we lost some precious time.  We couldn't stop laughing.  

We laughed as we vacumned the car in record time with 1 Loonie, a Canadian 1 dollar coin.
Downtown Kelowna, fronting the Okanagan Lake.  Me and  the mythical Ogopogo,
It was a nice day for this reflection shot.
Rocky, Gail, and I enjoyed a  yummy Indian lunch.
At a winery, I tried my best to capture the vineyard.

This is my best picture so far.  While at this vineyard, I heard some noise, I looked up and saw this bird.  

Luckily my camera was already set at Aperture preferred F8, ISO 400, Spot metering, Auto white balance.  The shutter speed was 1/2000 of a second.  (No alterations to this picture)
When I cropped this picture, I was amazed at the sharpness.
I again cropped and was thrilled with this sharpness.  This amazes me as I checked my focal point and it was above the wing. Go figure.  I was so lucky as I only took 1 picture.  The bird flew away.
I conclude, "life is good".


Erick said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. The reflection shot is teriffic, looks like the boat is on a mirror. The bird shot is great too, the IS really helped with the shot. The lens probably focused to infinite so it didn't matter where the focus point was. Do you know what kind of bird you shot? Looking forward to the next posting. Enjoy yourself.

celia said...

EV, thanks now I know about infinite and how wonderful IS is. I don't know what type of bird it was. I'll check on that.

SW said...

Very nice scenary shots. I, too, really like your vineyard shot. Great composition w/ the vine and the house in the background. The boat has amazing crisp sharpness and the bird came out so cool! Maybe you think all the liquor is helping you capture great shots?? 9-) <-- that's my version of a "loopy" smile.. ha! ha!

jalna said...

I love your Leemon-che'llo (my Italian accent) shot with the sun setting in the background. It's beautiful. I like the scenery too . . . so peaceful. I'm so enjoying this trip with you. Thanks for posting!