Sunday, July 26, 2009

Honus and Haleiwa Bon Dance / Lantern Parade, 7/25/09

Summertime is when Bon Dance happen at different Temples.  This weekend it was at Haleiwa Jodo Mission.  

But before enjoying the festivities, my gym friends headed off to Laniakea Beach to see the honus (turtles).

I enjoyed taking pictures of these cute dogs and cat.

Oops, I caught this cat yawning.
At the temple, they sold lanterns, towels and t-shirts.  The lanterns will be sent out to sea.  The name of the person being remembered is written on these lanterns.  The towels are used as head bands.

Got this sunset.
This year attendance was terrific.  It was actually hard to get any pictures with so many people.

This light was one of the lights used to light up the beach where the lanterns were sent out to the ocean.  Toro Nagashi was at 9 pm.  The Temple's priest blessed the ceremony and lead the group out to the beach.


jalna said...

Excellent shooting!

Erick said...

Nice animal shots, I like the yawning cat. That first lantern shot is great, I love the colors and the reflection. Great job!

SW said...

WOW... very nice shots of the honu and the animals. You've got a way with shooting them. The lantern shots came out so nice..esp in the dark water..the colors came out very vibrant. great shooting!

celia said...

I can't take credit for the lantern shots. Mahalo Erick for suggesting I adjust the shadow to create more illumination.

Rocky said...

Love your photo of the cat yawning and the little boy on his Dad's shoulders. I'm amazed at the number of lanters. All great photos, as usual.