Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fireworks from the Yachts Behind the Ilikai, 7/4/09

I had a fun time with Milton and Derek.  
We began with the lily pond in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village sign.

I checked out some buildings in the area.
The Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon
The Ilikai yacht harbor.
Torches at the Ilikai.

Uggh, I so regret not checking my shutter speed.  I think it was so precious seeing them.

The lighting on Diamond Head was cool at this time of day.

Using my 70mm range, I got these shots from the fireworks off Magic Island.  

Whew, I think I have finally caught up with my postings.  Tonight, I posted  5 events.


Erick said...

Nice lily and fireworks shots! Great shooting!

rand said...

terrific fireworks shots!