Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Canada Day-Part 2- Celebration, 7/1/09

The day has not ended, we headed off to Plato Island Resort. Rocky, Tony, Marita, and Kyle are co-owners.
This year, they went all out and celebrated Canada Day with games, cake, singing Canada's national anthem, and fireworks.
The above game was challenging as the participant had to remove as many clothes pin using only one hand.  Notice the person with his hand against his chest.

The game below was really challenging.  I am not sure if anyone was able to drop a clothes pin into the opening of this jar.  Notice the clothes pin missing the bottle.
I took notice of the maple leaf on lots of things.  I am sure you know what a Canadian flag looks like.

Bingo, anyone?

This game was like musical chair.  
This was their prize, a plate of cupcakes with Canadian flags.
The island in the background, is named after Plato.  There was a person who would go to this island and spend many a day contemplating.

The beauty is hard to capture.

This is the life.
They had fireworks at 10:30 pm.  It doesn't get dark until then. 
When we got back home to Marita and Kyles, we finished our night with...


SW said...

I REEEEEEAAALLY love your starburst sunset is so beautiful. Looks like a great place to stay. I also like the perspective of cupcakes with the flag. So how was the tequilla??

Erick said...

The food looks so good! I am Jellos and hungry. Great shots!