Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday at the Zoo, 7/22/09

During the summer, every Wednesday from 6- 7 pm, there are different entertainers.  Tonight was Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii.

Being the photo nut that I have become, I had to check out the tiger and her cubs. Her offsprings are now full grown.  Mom continues to pace the fence.

Here was one of her sons.

I think this was mom.

Salsa Hawaii is pretty large.
The next 3, I focused on Rolando since I had my zoom.


Erick said...

Great through the fence shots! Nice Rolando shots too. I am so Jellos, you have so much time to work on photography. Great shots!

SW said...

wow.. awesome shots of the tigers..I'm jellos too.. I'll have to try it w/ my new lens too!! Glad you were able to take shots of your friend..isn't he the one at the wedding?