Thursday, July 28, 2022

Foster Garden, 7/12/22

I came back to Hawaii for my 50th high school reunion and my oldest son's 41st birthday. This girl is definitely putting in years. 

I left on Sept. 16, so I have been gone for 10 months. I really had a good time during my 13 days.

Thank you Derek for convincing to me to bring my camera because my iPhone photos were not good.

I did use my iPhone 13 for this - and edited with Photos. It is hard to get this angle with a camera.

Okay, I was not the only one taking photos of these love birds or should we say love butterflies. They certainly enjoyed each other and I think 20 minutes later they flew away together and continued their mating.

I got permission from the person capturing my usual silly ways. I have been nicknamed "Cilly" for about 8 years. You know who you are.  It definitely was fun at this get together.


For lunch, we went to Nico's Pier 38. Yay comfort food. It was ono (yummy). It was easier to buy food from their market.

It was was a fun trip. Many of my groups thanked me for coming because they had not seen each other in awhile - perhaps 2.5 years.


jalna said...

Awwww, brings back memories.

celia said...

It is so pretty here.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Welcome back! At least for a little while. I hope you got to eat all your favorites!

celia said...

Thank you Honolulu Aunty, I totally maxed out my 13 days. I got lots of my favorites but there so many.