Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exploring San Francisco On My Own, 7/10/12

While I was in San Francisco, I was fortunate to stay at my friends place while she was in Oregon. Jon suggested I visit the Golden Gate Park - luckily my friend lives about 6 blocks away.  Hee hee, I wrote which streets I would be passing and off I went.
 This is a portion of the map, I entered the Rose Garden #41.

Visited the Japanese Tea Garden.

 I could not resist this picture.  That bird found a place to land.
At the deYoung Museum, I was fortunate to see his exhibit.
Yikes, my camera phone flashed. They actually allowed us to take picture but no flash. I liked the shadow that head dress created. I could have used my big camera but I just kept it in my bag.
I wish you could see the size of these glass fruits. They were huge, I am hoping the people in the background can give you some perspective. I am glad I got to visit this famous museum.
From the observation area of the museum I was able to see the top of the California Academy of Sciences. From the ground it was hard to tell what those mounds were.
Walking back, I was surprised to come across this Fire Station right in this residence.
 That evening, I went to Jon and Casey's place. Jon it was delicious!!! I am jellos that you cook so well!


Jon said...

Its great seeing all of your photos since I saw you take most of them. Great pictures mom!

celia said...

Thank you Jon and I can't thank you enough for suggesting I have a day for myself. I felt I got a better feel for SF.

Anonymous said...


I don't how i missed these photos of San Fran...it's my favorite city and to see it again through eyes was just great...

Your "most excellent" photos make me feel like getting back on a plane and returning to the "CITY BY THE BAY...