Thursday, July 12, 2012

San Francisco/Point Reyes, 7/6 - 7/12

Hey hey, I am now in San Francisco. Thanks Jon for making pizza for dinner and making bread for our picnic the next day.

Off to Point Reyes, yes we are traveling on the famous Golden Gate Bridge which gets smothered with fog.

 Stopped here at Point Reyes Station to get cheese.

 The path to Kehoe Beach,

I enjoyed watching this fisherman and he was looking back at the owner of the dog.

 Jelly fish

Too funny, as Casey shuffled her feet, the sand sounded similar to cordoroy rubbing together.

 Did a hike to another area, it was easy almost like walking in someone's backyard.

Getting closer to the beach



jalna said...

Beautiful collection of photos!

Photo Fashionista said...

Neat photos!!!

celia said...

I am glad you are liking the photos. I am the one who is jazzed to have the opportunity.

SW said...

WOW.. these are all awesome places I've never known about in SF. Great Pics!!! I love that one of the hike in the forest of the trees w/ the bent branches.. it's like a fairytale.. Great food shots too..looks really good!!