Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day with Kathryn, 7/15/12

Kathryn and I love to walk and that we did. She has been in San Francisco for quite awhile and knows her way around. 

This takes you to the Golden Gate Bridge.
This community garden was well tended to.
We saw a heron which quickly flew away. Found out that it was waiting for gophers.
 Never knew artichokes grow this way.
 Someone has a green thumb!

What a beautiful gate. Remember we were on the other side in the forest area.

 Notice the yellow area in the back - to the right of the tall trees. Hee hee that is where we were headed.

We got to the top of Lyon and Broadway - only to see the guy in the gray doing tons of push ups. Lots of people run those stairs. Kathryn - thanks for sharing where you go - hee hee, no need to join a  gym.
 San Francisco has so many quaint homes.
This hardware store has so many cool things including Bagalini bags and cool mesh zip cases and pencil cases.
We had Thai dinner with her friend and had dessert to die for at Toy Boat.
What a wonderful day and sad for me since I would be flying home the next day at 9:45 am. As I complete my posts tonight, I wish I was still traveling.

Tonight I also posted.

Winchester Mystery House, 7/13/12 and SF MOMA, 7/14/12


Photo Fashionista said...

I can see why you wish you were still traveling! Great photos!

jalna said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your adventure. Loved your photos!

celia said...

Sookie and Jalna - I am glad you got to experience my adventure via my photos. It certainly was a joy!

SW said...

those are super cool places.. i'm glad i got to 'visit' those places w/ hour photos.

celia said...

SW, yay another tag along. I am still so happy about my trip.