Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winchester Mystery House, 7/13/12 and SF MOMA, 7/14/12

I was happy I was able to be in San Jose for my sister's birthday. One of her wishes was to visit this Winchester Mystery House. 
We were not allowed to take pictures inside - actually I am glad because you would not understand it. You really have to go on the tour. My sister and I also took the behind the scene tour. No regrets.
 Victorian Architecture

The next day, I was back on Caltrain to return to San Francisco. Jon met me at the station and we went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art also known as SF MOMA. 

I have been so fortunate, today was Cindy Sherman's first day of her exhibit for the public. Notice the banners - these are pictures of her. She took photography to a different level.
 Here is picture I took from the internet to show the outside of the museum.
 Here is the inside.

This was really cool. The dark image are boxers moving - you have to be there to enjoy it.

I took this from this open area, I wanted to share the different architecture. My wide angle created this warp affect.
 This painting in front of Jon is by Sigmar Polke.
by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
by Robert Indiana, "Love" 1973.
Casey, Jon and I had dinner at their favorite Korean restaurant in their area, Muguboka. It certainly warmed us up and it was yummy. Thanks Casey and Jon for a wonderful time in San Francisco!!!


SW said...

wow..full frame shots inside the museum architecture is sooo cool!!

Photo Fashionista said...

The photos you took of the architecture are so neat! Love it!

celia said...

SW and Sookie, That is what I thought when I saw them.