Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day with Jon in San Francisco, 7/9/12

Our day began with enjoying dim sum at Jon's favorite place. Yum!!!
 Checked out this bookstore.
Seal rock is below Cliff House.
 I cropped the above pictures only to find out that birds hangout here.

 This is a cropped picture of the previous one.
 Sutro Bath is to the right.
 Beach to the left of Cliff House.
Walked to Lands End

Golden Gate Bridge

Uggh, it was Monday and Mama's was closed

We ended enjoying lunch at this restaurant in the Italian District of North Beach.  Notice the colors on this pole. The whole district's poles are marked with the colors of the Italian flag.
I was happy to see the sign on the left - Coit Tower.  We parked a couple of blocks below Stockton and walked up to Telegraph Hill. Needless to say, it was steep going up.

We got to see the city from this observation area.

 Jon got truffles for his work place, Darwin's Cafe.

His boss was hard at work - he finally got the permits to create an outdoor area for some tables and planters..

Jon's painting at the Cafe.
At his place, I was very happy to see this pillow and afghan.  Hee hee, I spent all summer 2003 crocheting them so he could take them with him to college.
Here are some of Jon's oils.  Here is link to his site Jon's Excellent Adventure

That night Jon, Casey and I enjoyed dinner at B Star.

Tonight, I did 2 other posts.


jalna said...

I'm totally enjoying this trip of yours Celia!!

Randism said...

great pictures; sure looks like fun!

Cindy Aona said...

Sure looks like you're having fun!!! Was that Hong Kong style dim sum in a take out place??? Cool! Was it delish???

celia said...

I am having a blast! I think it is Hong Kong style - are they the ones with the big char siu bows?

I wil be sharing more pictures.

Erick said...

Nice shots! How do you like the 5D Mk3?

SW said...

I'm tired just looking at the hill you had to walk up.. that's some great exercising..The closeup of the can see the branches in his mouth.. thanks for sharing..

Randism said...

wat?!? you have a 5D Mk3 now? wow!!!

celia said...

Yup, I have that camera. Hee hee, Erick and friends documented my camera, I will email you the link.