Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dragon Boat Race and Model/Lighting, 7/28/12

This was my first time to watch a Dragon Boat Race - thanks Lance. 

Excerpts from the internet
“Dragon boat races are an ancient Chinese tradition designed to ward off evil spirits, and we have merged this exciting competition with free family activities,” Carlisle said. “This is also the Year of the Dragon, so the festival should be extra fun.”
Paddlers from around the Pacific will compete fiercely in traditional dragon boat races, which this year will include visiting teams from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Each dragon boat team consists of 16 paddlers, a drummer, flag catcher and steersman.  There are two race categories: the open race; and division, which consists of teams competing for an industry trophy

There were 2 starting and finishing points. The above picture was in the middle area of Ala Moana Beach and as you can see the other area was the Diamond Head end of the beach.
Why was the flag catcher bored? In this heat the paddlers had mistakenly moved in front of the starting point and therefore had to turn around.
This drummer's hat was pretty cool.

As with any water event, a safety team is required.

Later, we met up with Erick and I learned what it takes to do a model shoot.

I think the lighting added to the reflection of the water upon her skin. 

Wow, our model was very gracious, Erick did his homework and the support crew was terrific!!!


SW said...

You made it to the Dragon boat race.. too bad I missed it.. That is super lighting. Beeeautiful!

Photo Fashionista said...

I like that silhouette shot of the crew! :)

jalna said...

Very nice coverage Celia!

celia said...

SW - thank you - whew the hot day added to my pix.

Sookie - it is the behind the scene people that make the shot.

Jalna - thank you so much for your support.

Erick said...

Great shots of the Dragon Boat race. Nice shots of Shanda too. So, you getting a radio trigger?

celia said...

EV - I really had a great time at the 2 events. Thanks for setting up the second one and OMG I want a radio trigger. I will email you to get more info.