Monday, July 9, 2012

Marion County Fair - Ohio, 7/5/12

These eggs were actually in Nancy's refrigerator, I have only seen white or brown ones.  Okay, so there must be more varieties of hens here in Ohio. We decided to do a photo shoot using a bird's nest. 
It was fun to see Richard see his hometown fair from a different perspective. We went up to the bleachers and looked down - when he was a kid this fair was ginormous! (Sorry no pictures of the carnival rides)

It surprised me to see this vendor. We ordered Chicken fried rice.  Seeing that I too am Chinese, he gave us a lot. Thanks Mr. Ta.
 The judging barn...

Blue ribbon - chicken!

 How do you judge a duck? Richard said, he is feeling their muscle tone.

Behind the scene...

Yup, this is what our Thanksgiving turkey looks like.

 (just a sampling of the animals that were there - used my Sony Nex)

 One more picture, this little one was "baa baaing"


Photo Fashionista said...

My favorite shot is of the sleeping pigs. So cute!!! :)

And yay, for being Chinese!!!! :D

jalna said...

Very, very cool! My favorite is the pigs too!

celia said...

I agree those pigs were adorable. I also enjoyed those ducks.

Erick said...

I vote for the pigs too, they look so content. Love the eggs too, very colorful. Cool fair!

SW said...

Guess we Love the sleeping pig shot..Those are the largest ducks i ever seen!!
Them animals sure grow large on the mainland!! a REAL farm fair how cool..

celia said...

It was fun, Richard was worried, I would be bored.