Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium, 7/12/12

I went to San Jose via Caltrain. My high school friends live there and off we went down to Monterey.

 Luckily we overheard feeding for this large tank was going to happen. We got there just in time.


 Fluorescent jellies
Why are my friends laughing? I wanted to take their picture but I also wanted to include those 60 oz. drinks.

OMG, barrels of taffy in this candy store.
 This aquarium is humungous so after lunch we went back.

 Brace yourself, this octopus was incredibly large.

 African Blackfooted Penguins…38 seconds of fame.
They fly through the sea.

There was lots of marine life but we finally had to leave. Next stop, Carmel. 
Okay, when I see beautiful flowers, I enjoy making pictures of them.

Carmel is known for its quainteness. Robin's Jewelry was just that. Got a "cuff" bracelet in sterling silver and peruvian opal and Keeza spent time fixing the bracelet to fit me. She even engraved my name  and Carmel 2012 on the inside. So special!


Photo Fashionista said...

That is an awesome aquarium! Love all the shots!!!

SW said...

The aquarium looks massive in your shots..you are really making good use of the wide angle.. The florescent jellies are cool..so jellos!!

celia said...

I am so glad I brought my new camera and wide lens and not the Sony NEX. I left the other Canon camera at my friend's in SF. Kudos to the camera.

jalna said...

Totally awesome . . . love the jellies. The video was so cool!

Anonymous said...


I haven't been to MBA in xx years (long time)...thank you for taking back with those great shots.