Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kaneohe Bay Airshow, 9/26/10

It was an amazing day at the Kaneohe Bay Airshow. When we got there, we split up - Milton S. and Derek - Audrey and myself. We had fun looking at all the planes prior to the airshow. This was my favorite plane.

I took this shot because of the cute dog on the tank.

There was also a car show. One person had customized Big Dog motorcycles. The food vendors were plenty. I had my Maui Taco.

I am also always amazed with the beauty of the Koolau mountains.
This is one of the two parachuters who got the airshow going. Most of these shots were not cropped, I'll identify which ones were cropped. I want to show you what my camera can capture as well as the perspective of the airshow.

Tim Weber can't get enough flips. These are 2 consecutive shots.

This was cropped. Out of this plane are the following shots of the skydivers. It was amazing how they too were able to create formations. They released something so that we could see their paths.

This was cropped, even this helicopter was able to fly upside down. Notice the blades of the helicopter - it appears like it isn't moving that is because my shutter speed was 1/1000 of a second.
The announcer warned us we will feel the "heat". No joke!

This F-22 preceded the Blue Angels.

The main show:

There were so many people that it was sometimes hard to avoid their heads, umbrellas and kids on top of father's shoulders. Someone who attended both days, felt there were more people on Sunday.
Sometimes, I had to rely on my Panasonic Zs3 (Point and shoot) to get the shot. The planes disappeared too quickly out of my view finder. Sometimes it was hard to focus so my DSLR was unable to get the shot. My focus point has to focus on something but with their speed, no dice. Also there was no time to manually focus.

Therefore some of following were with my "point and shoot".
Point and shoot.
See how fast they go.
Point and shoot.

Notice the top 2 are upside down. Just incredible.
Mahalo to the following for an awesome show!
Aerobatic Performances by:

Tim Weber - Geico Extra 300S
Greg Poe - Fagen, Inc. ethanol-powered plane
Jacquie B. Airshows - "Red Eagle" Pitts Biplane
Hank Bruckner - CAP-10C
Clint Churchill - Extra 300L
Chuck Aaron - Red Bull BO-105 helicopter
The Flying Leathernecks - Skydivers
US Navy Blue Angels - Boeing F/A-18 Hornet

Demonstrations by:


USCG C-130





SW said...

nice wide angle shot of the plane. Cool writing in the sky type shots too. What lens were you able to bring? Wish I was able too see them too!! Look like a hot but great weather for the blue angels.

celia said...

Shun Wah, I did start off with the 16-35. I panicked as I saw the parachuters come down - one being the one with the American flag. I took a shot and saw that a speck in the sky just won't do. So my 70-200 was put in place. It was hot but thank goodness it did not rain.

jalna said...

Wow, I never thought of that . . . how do you focus on a zoomed in shot of something that's in your frame for a split second?

SW said...

wow..you were able to bring both long and wide lens? I though it was a 8x10 bag limit? guess they were not as strict because of the bay fest?