Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zoo, 12/19/2009

On Saturday, 12/19/09, I had a fun filled day of shooting pictures. My previous post was my first activity at Makapuu's Lighthouse. This was my second, I met Milton S., Dewey and Angie as you can tell at the zoo.

I could tell these guys did not enjoy me watching them as the female was stroking this male.

I was amazed how its tail just rests on the surface of the water.
My favorite zoo member, Rusty.

This was the color of the star turtle's enclosure.
I also like the warthog.

The Honolulu Zoo continues to make improvements. Currently they are expanding, you will see wooden panels to the left of the zoo's entrance.


SW said...

Your rusty shot came out really great! I know how difficult it is to shoot thru that dirty glass. The lizard shot came out very sharp too..

rand said...

cool; i'm glad to see you out and about with your camera! keep on shooting and posting!