Sunday, December 27, 2009

North Shore, 12/25/09

Tis Christmas and I woke up to my 4:00 am alarm. Why??? I got picked up at 5:00 am.

Stan Y. and Richard had rented huge lens to shoot the North Shore waves. As luck would have it Stan shoots with a Nikon and Richard shoots with a Canon hence two large lens. My camera is the smaller one; they were nice and rented a 2x converter for my 70 - 200. Therefore all of us had 400 mm lens. Here you see John and Stan. I cropped out Richard since he was sitting and I only got his knees.
These shots were at Waimea Bay.

These shots were at Pupukea.

Even at Turtle Bay the waves were high and furious. We treated ourselves to an expensive lunch. $8.00 hot dogs and $4.00 ice teas. Yikes!
Just wanted to show you the difference with the waves across from Sea Life Park on the south east side of the island.

Because Stan and Richard had rented their lens they wanted to make good use of them. The weather really was cloudy but we tried again at the lookout from Tantalus. I zoomed in and got Stan Sheriff Center which is part of the University of Hawaii and where the basketball and volley ball games are held.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


jalna said...

WOW!! You really captured the pounding surf well.

celia said...

Pounding is a good description. It certainly was amazing to see!

SW said...

wow. those were some big waves.. Nice shots! So did you take the stan sheriff and the airport w/ your 70-200mm? that's some awesome zoom from sure woke up early for this long day of shooting..

celia said...

SW, thank goodness I never took off the 2x converter until the end. That converter really is awesome.

Randism said...

nice shots! must have been fun; those lenses look like bazookas!!! just massive!