Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kauai, 11/27-29/09

Ruth, my gym friend, and I took a much needed vacation to Kauai the day after Thanksgiving. At the airport, we were moaning because the weather had been very rainy and we were imagining ourself stuck indoors our entire trip.

As you can see in this first picture heading to Kokee, the weather was beautiful and did not start raining until @ 7:00 pm on Sunday the night we were leaving. Boy were we lucky!!!
Our first stop. Later we went to Ishihara's for poke and tako.
Here is Ruth trying to capture Waimea Canyon.
The Canyon is so vast, I had a difficult time capturing it.

Although the elevation shows 3400 ft, we were much higher.
Thank you Nancy for reserving this cabin.
We celebrated Thanksgiving again on Friday.
Kudos to Roy, he started the fire in the fireplace without a hitch. I had fun taking pictures using a fast shutter speed to create this picture.
Here are some beautiful flowers.

At the visitor center, there were lots of roosters and hens. This rooster actually allowed me to take its picture.
For breakfast Kelly made crepes. This is Nancy flipping one of the crepes.
This is my breakfast, yummy, huh? The blueberries were cooked to perfection with just the right amount of lemon.
Luckily many people don't know about this beautiful beach.

The sand is very fine and with the constant wind, it creates these very cool patterns.

We ended our trip with a delicious dinner at Bull Shed in Kapa'a with Nancy and her daughter, Lauren. It was a wonderful vacation as Ruth and I reminisced at the airport before leaving at 10:50 pm.


jalna said...

Beautiful photos!! I wish I was there too! Looks like you folks had a great time.

rand said...

yeah! a new entry with LOTS of pictures! it's been a long time since i was there; thanks for bringing back those memories; but you know what? i know you didn't post one picture... which one? the one of the crepe on the ceiling after it was flipped too hard! come on; i KNOW you have that picture! no Bull Shed me!!! ;-)

celia said...

I Bull Shed you not - no crepes on the ceiling. But it was fun taking this pic - because half of my shots the crepe was in the pan and not in the air. I begged Nancy to flip more crepes. Also I thought I would use the "P" mode with high continuous shots. Yikes believe it or not the shutter speed was only between 1/20 - 1/35. I should have just done Shutter priority.

Erick said...

Great Kauai shots! Wow, you must have had a great time. The food looks awesome too!

SW said...

nice! Looks like you had ag great time. The sand is so clean and the patterns so prestine... nice shots!