Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lanai Point Lookout, 8/23/09

I had a great day with Milton S., Dewey, Derrek, and Joan.  Milton S. shot me while I shot the road across the way, see the next picture. 

It was so enjoyable to capture the ocean as well as the terrain.
fyi, I redid this black and white picture.  Dewey was correct, my previous post did not define the blacks and whites.  Thanks Dewey.

Notice the fishermen, gutsy, huh?

Here is another repost of a black and white.
Click on this picture to view the striations.  This place was so cool, I could stay here for hours.

Just as we were leaving, we saw this canoe race.  I found out the women were doing a 26 miler from Kailua, Oahu.


Erick said...

Nice rocky coast ocean shots! Looks like a great day for photography. Nice shooting!

SW said...

Hey, is that you? how did you take a picture of yourself?! The ocean and sky came out so blue and vibrant. Great shots!

celia said...

Yup that is me. I saw it on Milton's Picassa Album and he allowed me to take it for my blog.