Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honolulu Family Fair, 8/2/09

Ever take a picture of the fair from a ferris wheel?  That was fun.
This wagon matches the ambiance of the fair.
It was a guessing game as to how long to keep the exposure open to show motion. Yes, the bright spot to the left is the moon.

Now I am goofing with the zoom while leaving the exposure open.

Okay, maybe I got carried away.
The Pharoh Fury was fun to watch the riders' expressions.
This was the hardest ride to take a picture of.  Many times Erick and I would just get shots of feet or the bottom of the thingy they are lying on.  Boy did we delete a lot of shots.


SW said...

I LIKE the wild and crazy shot of the ferris wheel and the other unidentifiable lights from other rides.. very cool..kinda psychadelic..perhaps what one would see if they were on that last ride..What is that last ride? looks scaarry! Looked like a fun shoot!! AND you got the almost full moon too!

Erick said...

Cool shots! I like your Ferris Wheel and moon shots, very creative. You look like you had fun, I know I did. Great shooting!