Monday, August 3, 2009

Foster Garden, 8/2/09

I did 2 posts: 
Foster Garden, 8/2/09 and Jon's room, 7/24/09

Foster Garden is a great place for nature shots.  We enjoyed the Orchid Conservatory.  Not only was it fun shooting with Milton S., Roger, Dewey, and Angie;  they also came to my assistance.  I was having difficulties getting sharp and close shots.


Erick said...

Nice flowers! I like the funny purple and white one, very cool!

jalna said...

Veeery nice. Makes me wanna go check it out again. It's been awhile.

Rocky said...

Amazing shots, Celia. You feel that you can almost reach out and touch the orchids.

SW said...

Very nice! I really like how the background is blurred out and the soft look it gives.