Sunday, July 26, 2020

Foster Garden with Kamehameha Lions Club board members, 7/25/20

The last time I was at Foster Gardens, I had an epiphany. This would be great place to have an outing - the botanical garden is so pretty and I could give tips on photography. Nine of us were able to make it. The other 2 that are missing in this photo -looks like Al came after and Sheila was taking the photo. Thank you Sheila for sharing your photos.

I had a short meeting in this gazebo and this was our meeting place afterwards. 

We had a blast at Assaggios. Al did not join us, he went home make sure his place was taken care of due to the impending Hurricane Douglas.

These are my photos...

We are not sure what this object is - each of this special Palm has one - some are lying down, this was looks like it is a support. Those Palms also has a fence around them.

These next two intrigued me. I have never seen this and I did not take a photo of which tree it is from.


The crown flower attracts the butterflies. I feel accomplished, if I catch them flying.

At the gazebo, this gecko I think was eavesdropping on our conversation.

I got compliments for organizing this and that it was enjoyable. We really had a blast at lunch.


jag21330 said...

Nice pictures. I'm glad your outing was a success. Like the gekko spying on you.🦎

celia said...

Thanks Gary, and it was fun. Actually there were at least 3 of them in the gazebo. Luckily they like to be up there.