Saturday, July 17, 2010

Haleiwa, Point Panic/Fireworks, Zoo, 7/16-17/10

Haleiwa is such a quaint community and this weekend they had their 8th annual Hale`iwa Arts Festival.

Stan Y and I enjoyed shooting this bridge.

New Hope Manoa Photography group met to take shots at Point Panic. Thanks Willy.

We got to shoot Hilton Hawaiian Village Friday night fireworks.

After which, I enjoyed creating star effects.

Earlier I was at the zoo.
The necks of flamingos make for interesting pictures.
I am amazed how flamingos snooze.

This porcupine was so kawaii (cute).
Photography is all about lighting. Depending on where the sun is I got these 2 different effects.


Anonymous said...

I like the tree shot. It came out very good. Good post production on the dog. The bridge shot looking down the railing is good. It may be more effective if you cropped it down the center of the railing thereby eliminating most of the power lines.
The sunset silhouette is a good capture.

SW said...

What a busy shooting day. Point Panic turned out to be a great spot for taking the fireworks because the buildings give it a nice background. Nice tree shot from Haleiwa. Nice posting with many great shots.