Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day full of shooting, 7/18/10

Today started off with a hike up Kamehame Ridge with the Sierra Club and photographers were encouraged to join. However shortly after this bend we were stopped by someone who kept saying this was a private road and that we should leave. Although we weren't sure about this, our leader said let's heed this person's words.
So plan B became a hike along the ridge of Koko Head it overlooks Hanauma Bay. Here is a view of it. It is kind of like this one with a road however there is the option of hiking down.
I did manage to at least shoot this plant. I was happy with the soft background using a 2.8 aperture which captures what is up close.
Needless to say some of us chose to skip plan B and head off to Jack's in Aina Haina. This is a popular place and there was a wait. I ran into my cousin Cookie and welcomed her to join us (Stan Y, Russ and Shirley) for breakfast. Got to have their biscuit and pancakes to name a few.

I then went to the 40th Annual Ukulele Festival. I agree with my friend Shun Wah - never knew there was a festival let alone find out this is their 40th.
As you can see I barely got a clear view of the children, so many attendees.

I was fortunate to come when Ohta-San performed
and when Danny Kalekini performed. He was also the festival's emcee.
Why is Roy Sakuma so happy???
Yes, it was a $5,000.00 check for his organization. Roy Sakuma has brought the joy of ukulele to many
including my photography friend Gary Nakanishi.
He said he would be performing with C & K (Cecilio and Kapono) I therefore made sure that he was in the shot with them.
Roy totally enjoyed this performance. Me too.

This little one is one of Roy's students. He is 8 year old Aiden La Prete Powell. It was such a joy to see such talent at such a young age. He did "Hey, Soul Sister". Check out his YouTube.

Now I am off to the Canoe Regatta in Waikiki.

My friend Phuong Ma is a member of the Kamehameha Canoe Club.
We were rooting for Hector, he is the one with the yellow cap.
While they were out, we noticed the moon. I luckily had my 70-200. This is my favorite lens.
They did well.

Last but not least. I came across this wall mural which is on Puuhale Road below Nimitz Highway. So Stan and I spent time trying to capture it. Each of these shots are 2 merged shots. Incredible art!!!

Tonight I also posted "Rudy's shots of the Lantern Festival".


jalna said...

Great post!! Beautiful photos. I love the plant and the ukulele kids with the hazy border.

jalna said...

I forgot to mention . . . the graffiti artwork!!! Love it! Gotta go check it out myself now!

Anonymous said...

Great images. I especially like the Kamehame Ridge flower shot. You did a good job in choosing your background the blurring if with a tight focus.
The street art is great. Very vibrant, vivid colors. Good touch merging two images into one.

celia said...

Jalna, I am not sure if this graffiti art was the commissioned one. I feel it was there already. But auwe!

Hee hee Anonymous, that was a neat flower and the street art was awesome.

jalna said...

I was wondering about that Celia. It's beautiful work that I'd still like to check out though.

celia said...

It is so worth seeing and taking pictures! Have fun.

Jon said...

cool post! I really like that plant picture. The background looks ethereal.

SW said...

wow.. what a busy day of shooting. I think you guys made a great decision to head for some food instead of Plan 'B'.. great shots of the ukulele festival shooting thru the crowd.

Erick said...

what a busy day of shooting. you got some really great shots!

celia said...

Jon, Shun Wah and Erick - thanks. It was surprising to get such a soft background for the plant - ethereal is a great adjective. I just added some vignetting.