Sunday, July 11, 2010

The great outdoors, 7/3, 5 & 8/10

Stan Y. showed me a view from a pillbox. It was fun crawling into the space to get these shots.

Time? It was 6:14 a.m. on July 5 at Lanikai Beach. I mention this since it was the morning after the 4th and you know me I had to shoot the fireworks.

You had to see this rainbow for yourself. The colors were so vibrant.

The North Shore is known for their garlic shrimp plates. This was so "ono"!

At Ehukai Beach Park.
I went along the edge of the sand and noticed a drop to the actual shoreline. I decided to lie down and shoot down.

"Auwe" the next thing I knew I was getting wet and realized that the wave broke right along the edge where I was. Thankfully my camera didn't get wet although I was wet and sandy. Unreal, huh?

I was pleasantly surprised to have gotten this pic. I must have clicked my shutter just at the right moment because I never saw the water - I just felt I was getting wet and realized what was happening.

I got these shots along the side of the road above Waimea Bay. You really need a long lens for this.

Besides this post, tonight I also posted Summer BBQs and Korean Festival. Life is good...


Erick said...

I nice shooting! I like the shrimp shot and the wave in your face shots, very cool. Looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Like the surf foam image. Lucky your camera didn't get wet. The images from the pillbox are interesting using the opening as a frame for the shot is good. The first rainbow show is really good. You may be able to pull the colors of the rainbow out more using photoshop.

SW said...

wow! you had a busy shooting day. Really nice use of the wide angle shooting low on the sand. Love the colors in the shots.