Monday, November 1, 2021

Adventures and home cooked dinners, 11/1/21

I enjoyed seeing my friends Ruth and Dennis from Hawaii along with her sister Rae, who lives in LA.  They gave Ole this adorable Halloween beanie. Jon suggested going to MIZLALA which was in the neighborhood. Good advice, the Mediterranean food was delish.

I really enjoy walking buddies. Naomi on the left, is my high school friend.

I am so happy to have my things again. I am also enjoying frothing half and half.

I have learned not to be afraid to drive in LA. I went to the Burbank IKEA which I found was more adventurous than going to the Carson IKEA.

Jon and Casey have making dinner. Dinner is special for them and they have making these marvelous dinners for each other forever. I now get to enjoy them. As a single person since my mom passed away in 2008, I have been lazy and not cooking. I now have to change my ways and get cooking.

This neighborhood is so adorable.

There are more photos of Ole at the end.

LA certainly is a fun place.

Ole is now interacting more with us. I loved how he looked at me the entire time I fed him his bottle.


Honolulu Aunty said...

Adorable baby. And the food and dishes your son and daughter-in-law make are wonderful! Lucky you!

I NEVER drive on the Mainland. Both my daughters were in college in California and one of the always drove. Too many freeways and on ramps and so confusing! Wait. It take that back. I would drive in Pasadena, only staying on Colorado Avenue all the way down and then all the way back.

jalna said...

Am enjoying your new adventure. Thanks for sharing!

celia said...

Hi Honolulu Aunty,
I am glad my son gave me a pep talk to give me the confidence to drive. GPS is also so helpful. I can't imagine how difficult it was before that with paper maps. I am also driving my own car. It was shipped so I was without a car for 3 weeks. This was actually good so I got to see the area before driving.

celia said...

Hi Jalna,
I am glad you are also enjoying my adventures. I also add photos of Ole, which I rarely share on social media.