Saturday, November 13, 2021

Eight weeks 11/10/21

I enjoy getting together with my friend Naomi. On November 3, we went to  Venice Canals.

This was my favorite house

I also like this one because of the colors.

Off to lunch. I chose lentils because I am trying to make more healthy choices. This is a French eatery, so there are lots of yummy choices.

We went to Lundeen Gifts. I met Maggie, at a get together, who is the owner of this store. Thank you Naomi for these gifts for my grandson. I was happy to find the perfect wallet at her store.

This past Wednesday, November 10, Naomi and I went to Kenneth Hahn Recreation Park.
This 401 acre park is huge. I did not take many photos, I just enjoyed the outdoors - we just took a casual walk, as you can see, we barely covered this park.

Now it was my turn to let Naomi know about an eating place. We enjoyed lunch at Mizlala.

Speaking of food, here are more home cooked dinners... Mostly Jon's cooking - onolicious

Casey made this amazing dinner. Put together yourself. At the bottom is Farro and Roasted Cauliflower and Roasted Chickpeas. Topped with Pomegranate seeds, Hazelnuts, Dressing, Mint and Lemon juice.

My dish, Lentil Curry

Casey's Pie Pumpkin bread. Delish. 
Make sure to find "Pie Pumpkin" and not the pumpkins used for carving Jack o Lanterns.

This huge ginger cookie was yummy. Too bad you can't smell its fragrance; it was awesome!


Nap time

Reading time

Thursday, November 10, he is now 12 weeks old.

What a wonderful selfie, sisters 😊

I enjoy blogging, it is my journal.

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