Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bus #52, 12/30/11

Ever go to Haleiwa via bus?  My lady friend and I did, we met at Ala Moana Center - 2 hours later we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Kua`Aina - Haleiwa.  

I have always wanted to see more of this church.  

Across the street is the very famous Matsumoto Shave Ice store. Too bad this car was blocking the store however it was the best picture I took of this cool rock archway on the grounds of the Church.
Yes, 1951 was the start of this place.

 I could not resist getting these cute earrings - $4.00.
 Around the bend:

Haleiwa is special because of these retro buildings.

 While waiting for Bus #52, it was fun to do one more snap shot.
My wish to all is to have a healthy and wonderful 2012.  Happy New Year!


jalna said...

When you said "snapshot" it reminded me . . .that's this year's theme for the Canon Photo Contest. Maybe you can turn in one of these photos!

celia said...

Thanks Jalna. Just checked their site

Best to all of us.

Lance said...

Love your post Celia. Its been awhile since I've been over to that side of the island.

celia said...

Thanks Lance, it was fun. I hope you get a chance to go over there. It still has its charm.

Randism said...

howzit CD! i hope you'll have an awesome 2012!

celia said...

Rand - good to hear from you! I also wish you an awesome 2012.

SW said...

Great adventure shots! Looks like a great day for an adventure. I did took that bus once and it was a LONG ride..

Anonymous said...

Your photos brought back memories for me for when I tooo took DaBus to Hakeiwa (the shaved ice)and the Aloha of the people and Shoppe Owners. Thanks for the History about the Church. Happy New Year to you as well.

celia said...

SW and TW - yay - I am glad this blog brought back memories. Hee hee maybe others might try it out.