Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WEcam and Honolulu Hale, 12/28/11

Just today, my friend blogged about WEcam here is a link to her site shunshots.  She did cute shots with gingerbread boy cookies.

Yay a free app for iPods and iPhones - I downloaded it so I could use it tonight.  At Honolulu Hale, I chose Gung Fu Panda and chose which scene I wanted the Panda in.

Took this shot before going out to take pictures of the very large Christmas tree.
 Again more WEcam shots.

Our Hawaii Photographic Society, HPS, chooses after Christmas to come and take pictures.  Lots of us need our tripods to take shots during low light time.

 After our photo adventures we enjoy a meal.  I could not resist using my WEcam - sorry Alvin.
 I actually practiced using WEcam at home.

 I angled this shot.

What a cool app.  There are so many options.  These are just a few.


celia said...

I really like this WEcam. I can also make kaleidoscope

SW said... really got a lot of mileage out of that little app! I love the angle of the reindeer and Mr & Mrs santa shot.. next year, I'm gonna try that!

celia said...

SW, thanks. I actually cropped that picture because I saw someone's legs below its body - so someone may not know it is a reindeer.