Sunday, May 1, 2011

Low Tide and Kawaii Kon, 4/30/11

A combined group, Oahu Photography Meetup and I Wanna Shoot So Badly left at 5:30 am from Windward Mall.  We headed past Heeia Kea Small Boat Harbor and continued until we got to this spot. We were informed by their leader, Stan Yamada, that "the tide will be dropping beginning at 2am with low tide at 8am...exposing the reef and that the water should be glassy allowing for excellent conditions for reflections shots."  He was on the mark.

We returned to Windward Mall and enjoyed breakfast at the IHOP.  I enjoyed Swedish Crepes.  Yummmmm.

Later I went to Eyes of Hawaii's mini workshop.  Thanks to Cliff, Doug, Gary and Milton for sharing your time and knowledge with us.  I am certainly enjoying Photography.

Within a half hour, I was off with Pastor Curtis, Kean and Maureen to enjoy Kawaii Kon. What is this?  Here is a link to last year's post.  Note to self, check out the Japanese Animations before going.  I enjoyed these costumes but am not familiar with their characters. 

This guy is from a board game.  Hee hee, I forgot the name of the game and his character. 
I noticed this artistic guy.  I got permission to take his picture and some of his drawings.  It appears his interest is with a fox character, he also had on a fox tail. 

I saw characters with red contacts, this fluorescent blue really stood out.

He shared that it took 6 months for him to complete his costume.  

On his back, he made a large bottle of SPF3, no wonder he got the burn.


SW said...

wow..the sunrise shots are should use these for the canon exhibit! Looks like a day full of shooting! nice coverage of the Kawaii Kon.

jalna said...

Stan is the man!! Love the low-tide shots!

celia said...

I was amazed at seeing the low-tide. I am not sure know how Stan got all that info.

Kawaii Kon is such a cool convention. The participants really had a great time preparing for what they wanted to come as.

Dd said...

wowweee......great shots of Heeia....

celia said...

Hi Didi, thanks, it was cool to see the exposed reef.

Jon said...

Awesome first pic mom! That shot is amazing and something I'd expect to see in a book.