Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kawaii Kon, 4/17/10

Incase you don't know what Kawaii means: this little one exemplifies its meaning: "cute". Although I don't know the anime (Japanese animation) characters, it is so fun to see the participants in costumes.

Costumes can also be non anime, I complimented her, she did a terrific Avatar impersonation.
These guys actually have green contacts. Too bad you can't really see them.

I look forward to next year's Kawaii Kon. It is just clean fun and there were so many in costume.


jalna said...

Soo neat! Nice photos!

Erick said...

Great coverage! Good job of capturing the cool costumes!

SW said...

looks fun.. you picked characters w/ very colorful getup.. nice shots!

celia said...

jalna, Erick and SW - thanks - I really enjoy their costumes.