Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/2/10 Jon's Opening

Jon, one of my sons, lives in San Francisco. He continues to create art and eight of his works debuted at the Artist-Xchange.

To my delight, I was able to attend the Opening Reception. That night he was pleasantly surprised to see his art on this postcard (the picture to the right is his. ) You will see the pics near the end of this blog.

I got to SF on March 30, Jon's birthday, and stayed at the Best Western's Hotel Tomo. The hotel was so kawaii - cute, it had these Anime paintings in my room.

Japan Town was just across the street.
Being that I got in late on March 30, Jon waited for the next day to show me around SF. We went to Haight Street, where the hippies made Haight and Ashberry famous back in the late 60s and early 70s.
Street art continues to flourish.

The evening ended with Kathryn and I catching up with our high school memories.

The next day, I took Jon's advice and I checked out San Francisco's Modern Museum of Art. (I made it there on my own using the bus.) I enjoyed the Museum as well as its architecture. I took pictures but it is worth seeing it for yourself. This is the entrance.
Again I got to see art on the walls.
This picture shows 3 streets: Market, Kearny and Geary. The 2 streets converge onto Market, it was very confusing. This happened at quite a few intersections of Market.
At Jon's place, I enjoyed seeing his art.

Luckily Jon enjoys cooking:

Dinner was Sweet potato gnocchi. He had also made ginger ale and strawberry jam. Casey made chocolate chip cookies, yum!
We went down to Baker's Beach to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco has so many interesting buildings - I was amazed at the 2 rectangle buildings.

On Friday, I got out of the cold and wet day by staying indoors at the Ferry Building.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, the streets can be very steep!!!
At the opening, it really was awesome to see his works. He added a wooden frame to all his pieces. It looked really cool.

Here was my Caltrain ticket for Palo Altos. My friend Yuri works at Stanford and gave me a personal tour.
It is a small world because Yuri and my cousin Lynette became friends when working on a project. We had Korean food and these yummy tiramisu.
My last night was spent at my sister's, uggh the next day my flight home was at 8:30 am.


jalna said...

Awesome blog post with awesome pictures!! I loved the artwork.

Erick said...

Jon's art is great, so creative. You must be so proud! Love all the cool tourist shots. Very nice job, great posting!

garykn said...

Linda and I love going to San Francisco. Your beautiful photos makes me want to get on that plane and go go go.. Beautiful photography as always, keep up the good job.