Sunday, May 2, 2010

East West Center Japanese Garden, 5/2/10

Despite inclement weather, 8 die hards wouldn't miss a photo shoot. Hawaii Photographic Society (HPS) again was faced with challenging weather, the last one was Waimea Falls on March 20, 2010. Hee hee, Stan O. we did have good weather at Kamehame Ridge on February 20, 2010.

The next 2 pictures, I adjusted the shutter speed.
This one is fast and it appears the water is stopped in mid air.
This one is slow, showing a wispy flow of water.
The next 2 are reflections:

Again slow shutter speed.
I need to come again, I enjoyed seeing these Japanese objects.

Ever been to Cafe Kaila? Click on the link. It was worth the wait! We enjoyed a great breakfast/lunch there. I had a breakfast wrap. Great suggestion, Maureen.


Erick said...

Nice garden shots, good use of the different shutter speeds! The food looks good too! Nice job.

SW said...

You got the wispy water.. I think I spent 20mins trying to make it work.. I ended up doing HDR.. you got nice closeup shots too..turned out to be a great photo outing even w/ the rain!

Randism said...

nice shots and i always say yes to cafe kaila! chrissy is the owner and a very nice person!

try to avoid the busy times, tho!