Sunday, May 16, 2010

A weekend of shooting, 5/7-5/9/10

5/7, Every Friday, okay almost every Friday - Ruth, Thelma, and I walk at 5:45 a.m. around Ala Moana Park and Magic Island. Lately we noticed this gentleman, he believes there about 200 finches that flock to him.
Yes there is a bird on his cap.

Later I met up with Milton S. and Derek to shoot at Lanai Point.

5/8, Saturday, Shun Wah and I met up to take pictures at Kapiolani Park but were disappointed that the Filipino Festival didn't have much happening. We were so looking forward to this event, last year was so much fun with activities and performances.

Luckily, the Honolulu Zoo was across the street.

I remember asking Shun Wah, when did we have 2 warthogs? (too bad I didn't take a picture of both of them) I have an annual pass and I get the Zoo View pamphlet - I read afterwards that Puanani now has Lenny and "will be moving to the old waterbuck exhibit where they will have much more space- and hopefully room for a family (when Lenny matures)!"
Even though this is a blurred picture, I thought it was neat how it appears that this zebra has 3 different color stripes.

That evening, us gym rats celebrated a friend's birthday at Cafe Sistina and enjoyed the cake at her home. She has a beautiful place.

5/9, Tis mom's day. My son Mike and Jeanine treated me to dinner at Sweet Home Cafe. It is serves Taiwanese Shabu Shabu.

They included this shave ice dessert. It was so refreshing after enjoying the hot shabu shabu.
Jon sent me an endearing card. Thank you my sons. Thank you also Casey for keeping in touch with your kind words.


SW said...

wow.. so much in one blog! The bird man is cool..too bad he's there too early for me. Nice shot of the flamingo at the zoo.. AND.. the shaved ice dessert looks soooo good!!

jalna said...

OMG Celia. I've been wanting to go to Sweet Home Cafe, but have no patience to wait in line. I loved your photos!

garykn said...

I'm gaining a lot of weight by looking at all the beautiful pictures of food. You make it look soooooo goooood.

celia said...

SW - true, I don't think bird man stays very long - he truly enjoys feeding the finches

Jalna - luckily I got there before 5, put my name on the list and when Mike and Jeanine came we got in on time. When we left there were about 40 people waiting in the hot sun - uggh.

Gary, you are gaining weight just looking, I am actually gaining weight - so I am more serious about my workouts at the gym.