Friday, October 8, 2010

Rest and Explore, 10/7/10

I should be given the name "sleepy". My friend Ruth got worried because I hadn't come out of my room and it was already 12:30 pm. So she and "T" snuck in and took a picture and ever so quietly sneaked out. However, with my eyes closed I saw a flash. Not wanting to get up, it took me another 15 minutes to roll out of bed. As they ate lunch, I ate breakfast.

Now to explore this beautiful place. There is a post with the farm's name and 1897, however they were on this property longer than that.

This is the house from the back that you saw in the previous picture, I want to call it "Old and New".

Here is the house that "T" grew up in.
Her sister now lives here and this is such a perfect picture. Notice the 2 cats. They are 2/5 cats. Her sister is so sweet and the cats are certainly lucky to have the best owner.
There are lots of bird houses on this farm.
What is that?
Never saw such a large mushroom, they are called toad stools.

Did I say, relax? It is so peaceful here. Ruth and I will certainly get to unwind at "T&J"s.

Now to venture to "T and J"s new home - still in the building stage.
These are rows of a budding corn field.

If you know me, I am afraid of heights. Thank goodness Ruth is not.

I placed my camera on top of their picnic table to get this peaceful view!
They will also be harvesting soybeans.
Too bad you can't hear these Canadian geese. Too funny, they honk atneach other. It gets pretty loud. I think they are gossiping about the other flocks. From pictures "T"s sister has taken, this is a small flock of geese.
Going back, it looked like a long walk back.
Getting closer.
Before dinner, we saw this beautiful sunset.
We dined at "Out of the Fire", I really liked how the candle created a ring. Dinner was so good!!!

There were art pieces on the wall, this was my favorite - a tapestry. Can you imagine making this on a loom?
I also blogged, "Maryland, yipee!"


Erick said...

Cool looking farm land. Great shots! Looking forward to more photos.

jalna said...

Awesome pics!! It's sooo cool to be traveling with you!

SW said...

Wow...remind me of that show 'this old house' on PBS..seeing your pics..Glad you're getting some great R&R.