Sunday, October 3, 2010

My picture, Cindy's poem, 10/3/10

Wow, I am so touched that Cindy Aona was inspired by this picture to write a poem. Cindy you sure have a beautiful gift.
Lovely little branch
Poking through the encumbrances of life
Sparkling in the Sun
Reaching up into God's light
Strive little branch
To touch the heavenly skies
Aspiring to spread God's beauty and love to pondering, beholding eyes.

This evening, I also blogged "Aloha Week Parade, 9/25/10".


jalna said...


SW said...

wow.. that's awesome when a photo creates emotion that someone can put into words.

Randism said...

oh wow, lau lau! nice pick cha and nice poem! you too good!!!

celia said...

Jalna, SW and Rand, pretty neat, huh? Rand, good to hear from you.