Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maryland, yipee,! 10/6/10

Notice how happy Ruth is. My traveling gym friend and I have just arrived at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. Both of us are happy because it was a long flight for us. We left on Tues. 10/5 at 4:50 pm and arrived on Wed. 10/6 at 11:15 am. The east coast is 6 hours ahead so hmmm that would be 5:15 am back home. For season travelers, no sweat. For us, this was huge.
T and J moved up to Maryland in May to build a second home and were kind to pick us from the airport in Washington, D.C. - I made a mistake and chose the wrong airport, I went with the best price - $450.00 vs $671.00 round trip with a 2 hour lay over in Dallas, Texas.

We are now in Maryland, heading to a great seafood place for lunch. However before getting there I had to take this pic, so quaint, huh?


First thing that caught my eyes.

Aren't we happy as clams? Thanks Ruth for taking our pics.

Now with the mallets.

This restaurant is along tthe Chesapeake Bay.
I was trying to get the bridge, using the open window of the roof. By the way, I left my big gear at home and am shooting with my Panasonic ZS3.
T went to this cute 1 room school house for students grades 1-5.

As you might guess there was just one teacher. Each grade had it's own row starting in the front and going back. This teacher as you can imagine needed to be strict - so the ruler was used and time out was by the boiler. My friend it was helpful to learn this way. If you were younger, you would hear what the older children were learning and vice versa. However when they had to graduate from this school, the transition to a regular school was kind of scary

They would have a monthly "covered dish supper" PTA's with skits performed by the students.

We later picked up dinner to take home.

Crab cakes and crab soup. Yummmmy!
This pic is for Dennis O. - due to a heavy work load was unable to join us. We miss you Dennis, we are pretty sure Angel said the same thing.


Erick said...

Wow, cool, you so lucky! Seafood is my favorite. Wish I was there. Totally Jellos!!!

SW said...

Nice! Good to see you were able to post.. the town is soooo quaint.. love school house..just like those in the picture coloring books!! Crab! my favorite way to eat it..pound it w/ a mallot yummy!!! You got great travel pics w/ your handy camera!!