Monday, May 26, 2014

Albuquerque, Santa Fe, 5/5 -11/14

 The airport's design already reminded me I was not in Honolulu.
 First stop, Old Town Albuquerque.
 There were chili hanging every where.

Chris made this very beautiful double silver band bracelet which he sized for me. The outside depicts rain pattern for constant life. The inside depicts arrows for protection; and bears for strength and courage.

The turquoise pendant was made by a lady at a Plaza in Santa Fe.
I continue to enjoy Luis' cd.

Chapel, Lady of Guadalupe

Santa Fe -
Erma drove a lot (between Santa Fe, Jemez Pueblo, Albuquerque)
St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral...

This labyrinth was so philosophical, as I stayed on one path until I got to the center. It would have been easier to just walk to the center but I enjoyed the journey.
At La Fonda...

Check out Ricardo
Oldest home that Santa Fe homes model after. I was impressed that their homes are no taller than a juniper. It was so nice to see that the homes are in harmony with their surroundings.
Oldest Church

Canyon Road is where artist display/sell their creations.  It would be cool to have my son Jon Ching's oil paintings here.

 More hanging chili.
 Get it?

 Actually this piece was near Canyon Road.
This is a glimpse of my trip, I want to share more but for now this is a lot. Part 2 is in the following blog  which includes Hot Air Balloon and IAIA Pow Wow. . You can scroll down or click on the link.


SW said...

The bracelet and charm is beautiful..definitely a great find of a short trip. Santa Fe seems so quaint a place..and soo cool at the same time. I love the art, architecture and the red clay buildings. I feel like I've visited this place too. Thanks for sharing!

celia said...

Erma knew when she saw the bracelet that it was a keeper. I am glad you felt you had also gone on this trip via my blog.

Erick said...

Wow, way cool! Looks like there are a long of great places and things to photograph.

celia said...

Yes and I have more to share.