Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Snippets, 2/3-4/12

Long story short, my weekend started on Friday.  I called my friend TW and off we went to Haleiwa.  We headed straight to Cholos for a yummy lunch.  
 Just around the corner was a glass blower's shop.  He is so talented!!!
 Never knew about this sunscreen. Cute, huh?
I really like Haleiwa, so many fun places.

Off to Laniakea, a place where these turtles "honu" come to rest from their migration.  They are enticed by the algae in this area.

In the evening, I joined a group to shoot Friday Fireworks.  Never took fireworks from this area - decided to include the masts.

Saturday, 6:30 am.  Yay my walk with TW.
 Lighting was so beautiful!

Around 10:45, Milton S, Derek and myself at Hoomaluhia.  This time I decided to do some macros actually just close ups.

I played around to make a simple weed look artsy.
It has been a fun weekend, hee hee I still have Sunday to enjoy.  Thanks everyone.


jalna said...

Awesome two days!

Anonymous said...


Good macros...liked the "weed". What's up next?


celia said...

Jalna, it was awesome. R - too funny - see even a weed can be enhanced. Hmm? What's up next?

SW said...

nice nature shots.. like the last weed shot..looks like one of those eletro-globe thingy..