Sunday, January 8, 2012

Makapu`u/Makai Pier, 1/8/12

Thanks Gary N. for taking SWW and myself to this place to capture the sunset and moon rise.

Yay, as soon as we got here everyone noticed the sweet light on this person's hang glider (not really sure what this is called).  

 I spent more time under the pier having fun with making the water misty.

 Although we could not see the sun set from this location, we were pleased to see the moon rise.

Looks like 2 moons but I played with my camera to get this effect.  The next 2 were also done in the camera.

What is a photo outing without a meal - 10 of us had fun at Kona Brewery.  Thanks Erick for taking SWW and myself home.  Can't wait to see everyone's pix.


SW said...

wow..that was FAST.. YAY!! you got the smokey water under the pier!! How'd you do it? that two moon effect..pretty cool..You got to try all kinds of techniques too.. very cool!! Glad I was able to go along w/ you guys! Ten-Q!!

celia said...

I was lucky there was a log under the pier which I perched my camera and did slow shutter speeds, will give you the specifics at our photo club on Tuesday.

Erick said...

Great pier shots! I didn't want to go down and get my stuff all sandy. I should have checked it out. Nice shots.

celia said...

Hee hee, I had to empty my shoes of sand when we were at Kona Brewery. It was fun down there and experimenting.